Democracy Now Interview Greenwald About Wikileaks

I check out this video because I thought Bradley has now moved on, after getting his transgender operation and eventually being released from prison, when Obama’s President term ended. But, apparently, Bradley is back in the news, with his new look as Chelsea, and he is back in prison for refusing to testify against Julian Assange.

Democracy Now interviews Glenn Greenwald about Bradley/Chelsea Manning. It appears that Bradley/Chelsea is now in jail or prison again because he/she refuses to testify against Wikileaks in order to put Julian Assange in prison.

The Zionist Media is pissed off that Wikileaks exposes the Bush administration war crimes as well as the Clinton Corruption Foundation to the world. The Zionist Media is still pissed off that Hillary Clinton lost in the 2016 election to Trump because of all her criminal activities were exposed.


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