A day at rocky rococo's

Posted by Jenny Cawrse on Saturday, 6 January 2018

A day at Rocky Rococ’s

This was a few months back. We went to Rocky Rococo’s. We had Pizza a drink then we had a ton of fun playing the games that night. My son really enjoyed the time we was there and win a few prizes too. When you play there games it give you tickets to trade in for prizes .

That night he did amazing getting tickets. He had win over 350 tickets and traded them in for a few toys and candy. He had a blast. We like to go there when he had done good at home or in school. We have a chart and when he does good deeds he gets a big start in the spot for that had once he gets all the spots fulled we get to go to rocky rococo’s.

We are just a little over half way and we get to go again. He gets so excited it is one of his favorite places to go eat out at.


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