China Declared Trump as Blackmailer On the Threat of the New Tariff

China warns the response of the US President Donald Trump on account of blackmail on threatening to take a new tariff, resulting commercial warfare in major economies in the world.

US President Trump said on Monday, that this is not acceptable to enhance tariff from Beijing and US Trade Representative has directed to pay 10 percent tariff on Chinese imports of $ 200 billion, If China grows tariff again, then taxing on the total imports of $ 200 billion or $ 450 billion will be pointed out for further action. China needs to take more measures for balanced trade relations, with changing its unlawful practices and opening the market for American products.

Last week the US president had pledged to pay 25% tariff on Chinese products worth $ 50 billion, on which China had equally equalized duty on American products worth the same. On Friday, the US President threatened China to take extra tariffs on counter-measures.

Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced in Tuesday that in response to the controversy in many negotiations during both the US’s extreme pressure and blackmail practice. Which also causes frustration for international society, if the America will step foolish, so China does not have option but strong and powerful counterpart measures, with a comprehensive number of relevant measures and quality standards.

There is no any option for American foolish step but Strong and powerful measures. China Ministry of Commerce.


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