Best Chairs to Have in Your Restaurant

Choosing the best furniture for your restaurant is just as important as making sure that your food is good. If the interior and the furniture in your restaurant look bad, then people won’t be keen on trying it out. 

To ensure that you have the best chair for restaurants, it’s great to have a large variety of seating options. While more classic, or high-end restaurants, have primarily standard rectangular tables and wooden chairs, the trendier, or even ‘everyday’ restaurants, have begun to furnish their spaces with a mixture of different styles of chairs. This helps appeal to a wider audience and even helps you maximize your seating capacity. 

Options for Chairs

  • Booths: Booths are a great option and are becoming widely popular, especially among younger people. Since social media is such a big part of our lives now, many people like to post about where they’re eating with their friends. Booths are perfect for groups like this because they’re comfortable and they can sit larger groups of people (usually between five and eight). 

These are also good for families because they allow everyone to squeeze into the table together without having to add any chairs or push tables together. Most families and groups appreciate this because it’s a more comfortable way to spend quality time together. 

  • Bar Stools: Having seats at your bar is a must. Oftentimes couples prefer to be seated at the bar because you get seated faster and you usually get your food earlier too. Another advantage of having bar stools is that they’re great for single diners. Having the ability to sit and enjoy your meal at a bar is very relaxing, which is what many of these diners want because they tend to be traveling for work or someone who just got off the clock. 

This way, the diners don’t take up a whole table by themselves, and it also gives them the option of talking to the bartender if they want.  

  • High Top: Similarly to bar stools, sitting at a high top chair is great. It’s kind of a mix between sitting at the bar and a normal table. This is a great option for couples or groups of three. Having this option helps you keep larger tables open for larger parties who may come in at a later time. Not only this, but having high top tables and chairs mixed into your seating arrangement creates more space and allows you to have more seats. High tops don’t take up as much space as a normal square table, as they are thinner. So having a few high top tables could help make room for one or two more regular tables. 
  • Window Bar: Another way to incorporate different seating styles into your restaurant is by having a bar in front of the window. This is a fun way for guests to enjoy their meal and people-watch at the same time. This is especially great for solo diners because it keeps them entertained. Having chairs in this area truly maximizes your seating capacity because if you don’t have this bar, then the space remains empty and is somewhat useless. 

Obviously, you don’t have to incorporate all of these different types of restaurant chairs, but it’s nice to have options. Before deciding which ones to go with, measure your space to see what kind of things you can do to maximize your seating capacity while still giving your restaurant a trendy feel. 


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