Best Career Options for a Commerce Graduate

In the post-globalisation era, the burgeoning market activity coupled with excellent job opportunities has helped commerce emerge as a popular academic discipline. The field of Commerce allows students to engage with various aspects of business, market fluctuations, fiscal policies, trade, share, stock and so on. Thus, there are a vast number of choices available to the students of the country looking for a fruitful career after obtaining a degree in one of the many commerce courses.

CA, CFA and CS or CA: CA stands for Chartered Accountant, CFA is Chartered Financial Analyst and CS for Company Secretary. CA is the most prestigious job option, and clearing all the three levels of the exam is tough. CFA and CS are also tough exams requiring hours of dedicated study. All three career options are required in a multitude of fields like Public Limited companies, banking, legal and auditing firms, investment houses and mutual funds etc.

  • Banker:

If you take a close look at the B.Com Hons syllabus you will be able to see that the areas it deals with fits perfectly with the requirements in banking. Therefore, it should be no surprise that banking emerges a most sought-after career option by commerce graduates. Providing a wealth of services, bankers deal with simple activities of opening and checking a savings account to the more complex arenas of lines of credit, investment accounts, risk analysis, trust handling and more. The proficiency required by a banker to deal with such intricacies seems like a job tailor-made for a student of Commerce.

  • CMA:

CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant and it is a popular accounting certification in many countries. The required skills for this profession are financial planning & control, decision support, professional ethics, analysis, etc. The requirements perfectly resonate with the structure of a Commerce degree.

  • Market Researcher:

Market trend is the main subject of analysis for a Market Researcher. They also study market competitors, fluctuations, patterns and demand before planning, creating and launching a new product. Working with data to analyse and interpret patterns to reach solutions is exclusive to this job profile. Candidates can go on to become research executive, account director, senior researcher and so on.

  • Teaching:

Considered one of the noblest professions across the world, students with a commerce degree can complete their Masters and B.Ed to become professors and teachers in high school, private institutes and the best universities of the world. In high school you will need to teach concepts like what is B.Com Honours while teaching MBA at global universities, you can push for research papers that can have a lasting effect on how marketing and commerce are analysed and adopted in by corporate houses and governments.

  • Policymakers:

Did you know that Dr Manmohan Singh, the man who brought globalisation to India has a doctorate in economics? Yes, you too can study economic policies and work in the government to bring a mammoth change to the current fiscal policies.

Of course, do get the best knowledge possible you can opt for masters programmes not only in commerce, finance and economics but also in human resource management, legal studies, business analysis and more.


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