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in a recent Valentine’s Day interview with Extra TV, actor Tom Ellis, divulged some much needed information regarding the rumored bizarre love triangle between his character, Lucifer, Chloe, (Lauren German), and Cain, (Tom Welling).

Ellis hinted that much trouble will be had, and a fight will ensue as Cain and Lucifer fight over Chloe’s affections.

#1 Insane in the Cain

The problem for Lucifer arises, in that his brother, Amenediel warned him of joining forces with Cain.  Lucifer will have to decide whether he can in fact trust in Cain's intentions, or as I suspect we will quickly find out, Cain will betray Lucifer and go after Chloe, even after promising that she would be off limits.

Lucifer won't be able to control Cain.  His only wish is to finally die.  But I suspect that Cain will use Lucifer's love for Chloe against him, and try to steal her away from Lucifer.  Will Cain slip into Chloe's bed, completely nude, the way that Maze told Dan he should do, to get Chloe back?

Will Lucifer suspect that Chloe has scored some candy Cain without his approval?  I suspect Cain will go to great lengths to make sure that Lucifer thinks the worst of a very insinuating scene with Chloe, underneath the sheets.

#2 Pass the Posole

Will Lucifer sneak into Chloe's apartment, while Maze is away?  Will he cook her breakie again, like he did in Season 1?  Is this how Lucifer will find out that Chloe has had some recent male company?

Will Lucifer find Cain and his candy in Chloe's bed, before Chloe gets her chance to explain?  Will Chloe fall to the seductions of a man who is intent on dying no matter what?

Will Lucifer kill Cain in Chloe's bed?  Will Chloe finally understand the true identity of the man that she inexplicably feels so drawn to?

Ellis hinted that the final scene of Season 3 would end with the knowledge of something good for Deckerstar, but simultaneously leave us feeling frustrated.

#3 Don’t Let Me Down

Will Chloe doubt Lucifer's love her her?  Will she merely see him as a self-centered man who refuses to truly give of himself once and for all?

Amenediel casted doubt on Lucifer's true identity in the past.  He made sure that Chloe never suspected that in fact Lucifer is the devil himself.  Is this the part of the scene that will be the hardest to watch?

Will Lucifer fail to truly give of himself, and be as vulnerable as Chloe will be with him?  I suspect that Lucifer will take a major step back at the end of Season 3.  We have 10 new episodes remaining before the start of Season 4.

Will we watch the last episode of the season near my birthday?  I should hope. Anything can  happen now.  All of us Lucifans, hope that Deckerstar finally gets it's moment to find that beacon in the distance, and land safely to shore.

What do you think?

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Written by Maria Ayala

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