Be the guiding star

There are no friends in professional life. They are with you only till their purpose is served. My ex-boss had once given me a sound advice “Keep your personal and professional life apart.” But I always mix up emotions in whatever I do. And the same mistake I committed in professional sphere too.

But somehow deception doesn’t hurt me now the way it used to do once. I have become used to it, I guess. It just amuses me and surprises me to see the masks slowly being removed off the people. Thick friends turn their backs and loyalties are switched in a jiffy. That’s life! Selfish and heartless, but that’s how it is.

So what should we do? Should we stop trusting people? Should we stop loving just for the fear of betrayal or rejection?  Not at all!

Imagine a life without love and trust. You can’t even imagine it, isn’t it? Be good and bless everyone who comes your way. Whatever goes around comes around. Don’t hold grudges as life is too short to waste. Forgive people and move on. What they do is their karma. You be kind and compassionate.

Spread the love…Spread the kindness. Let yourself shine forth. Be a guiding star.


What do you think?


Written by swalia

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