And Comes the Fourth Generation – 85

The Board castigated Avery Hendricks for hiring a fraudulent pastor, signing a contract without an exit clause and causing them great financial difficulty when they got rid of Dane Evans, the so called pastor.

Hendricks was kicked off the Board and dropped him from all duties.

Once, he was Pharaoh, now, Nobody.

Paul Mollusk now was elected as the Fixer!

He got rid of Evans, got rid of the gal in the office, who had actually been caught stealing.   He turned his focus on Miriam House, and got rid of Cordelia Brown.

Then, as a self reward for his work, he set about draining the Church coffers for unnecessary and badly done ‘work’.

Unfortunately for Mollusk, Selma Rashford Grindley replaced Brown and made the alarm.

Odette, the lazy thief paid to ‘clean’ Miriam House, and the drunk Pinnock, paid to look after the Church,  were lucky.   Mollusk was gone before they were.

Their sinecures were safe.


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