A World War II veteran gets a warm “Thank you” from Santa Claus

I am amazed how the few remaining veterans who served in World War II who are still alive are receiving the respect that they deserve for being part of our military for fought for our freedoms in what is being called “The Greatest Generation.” This story comes from Concord Mall in Wilmington Delaware where a shopper name Gina Wilbur took a picture of Bob Smiley (who is the foreground) shaking the hand of Santa Claus who was very respectful to Bob by taking a knee as he thanked one of the last remaining World War II veterans.

Bob Smiley who is 93 years of age told Santa Claus that his service during World War II was a “duty” for himself and everyone who joined the U S military to battle against the Axis Powers.


The best part of this meeting was that Gina Smiley took the photo of the great meeting of Santa Claus and Bob Smiley that was shared on the social media sites which gained a lot of positive reviews from the readers of the social media sites.

Bob is very thankful that anyone who thanks him for serving our nation with a firm handshake appreciates what he and other young men who served in World War II and beyond.


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