A six year old child is thankful that strangers came to his aid

Jason and his wife Sarah Everett are thankful that several strangers  that took time out from having their meals at a Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant in Conway Arkansas on Sunday when Titus was running in a parking lot when a SUV ran over Titus who fell down under the weight of the vehicle which normally would have taken his life by lack of oxygen to his body if the strangers did not assist Titus by lifting up the SUV off of his body in time.

Jason and Sarah would have seven children from their marriage have always told all of their children to look around when walking or running in a street or parking lot for their own safety since most autos who are in retreat mode cannot see anyone in the blind side of their autos.

The Everett family who are devout Christians went to have some lunch at Logan’s Restaurant after they attended their weekly Sunday worship duties at The Summit Church in Conway.

You can decide if God decided to spare Titus from losing his life in the near fatal accident that could have avoided by heeding the advice of his parents not to run in a parking lot to get to his parents auto without looking auto for other autos in the parking lot to teach Titus a lesson to learn not to run into autos on a street or a parking lot.

After the medical personnel arrived to check on the condition of Titus Everett after his near death experience, Titus spent the day a local Children’s Hospital to be treated for burns and cuts from the SUV collision before he was released later that same day.

There is an old saying that goes “If you do not heed warnings from your parents to avoid getting into dangerous accidents, you will learn by experience which is a very harsh teacher.”

The Everett family claimed that it was Divine Intervention that Titus had help from his dad and several customers, a police officer and the employees of Logan’s Restaurant to lift the SUV off of him before it was too late.


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      When my relatives and myself moved to the U S in 1978, the number of teen moms and dads was a lot more than I ever thought I would ever see.

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