A guide about how to prepare for Ayurveda exams

Preparing for exams can be a stressful time for any student, but for Ayurveda students it can be doubly so. Practitioners of this art form teach balance of the mind and body, and the stress of making sure you’re ready for your upcoming exams can throw that balance off entirely. Here are some ideas for making exam preparation a little easier – and getting your Ayurveda certificate that much less stressful!

Study Healthy

Ayurveda is about healthy balance. It only makes sense that students of Ayurveda who are looking to maximize the effectiveness of their studying would focus on their health first. Your physical and mental wellbeing is important to your ability to focus in school and making sure that you’re in top shape will help you focus on finals and ace your exams.

Some tips for making sure you’re in top form for your exams include:

  • Eat healthy. Ayurveda teaches health from within, so start your test prep by building a healthy body with healthy, holistic, and well-rounded meals!
  • Snack smart. Just as your meals should be balanced and healthy, so should your snacks. Snacking during studying has been shown to help with focus and endurance, but choosing snacks loaded with sugar or empty carbohydrates can add pounds to your body and cause burnout while you study. Choose healthy, whole foods as often as possible for best results.
  • Stay hydrated. It’s no secret that being well-hydrated will improve your health, but it also staves off feelings of grogginess, dizziness, and lack of focus.
  • Take breaks. This is critically important. You can’t focus indefinitely, but if you need to study for hours like you might before an exam, take frequent breaks to allow your mind time to refresh and reset.
  • Get some rest. Sleep builds a better, healthier brain that can focus more fully on the tasks you give it. It will also keep you from falling asleep on your test paper on exam day, so don’t spend the night before studying until sunrise!
  • Relax! This may seem simple, but avoiding stress is important in preparing for an exam of any occasion. You’ll be at your best when you’re relaxed and able to concentrate.


Some of your courses may give you more trouble than others. Likewise, some of your exams may require more study time than others. To maximize the time you do have, prioritize your study plan to allow for the most time being focused on your most difficult or most important subjects. You’ll do equally well in each subject without having to divide your time equally between each.

Reach Out for Help

If you find that you need more help than this in studying or preparing for your exams, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Your college of natural sciences and medicine is likely to be staffed with tutors and mentors who can help you prepare for your exams and for your future in the field.

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Now it’s time to get to work preparing for your exam. Don’t worry; take care of yourself, prioritize your studying, and you’ll have the focus you need to do well. This is just one more step in the path toward getting your Ayurveda certificate and achieving your long-term goals!


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