5 Ways to Find Potential Customers Using Twitter

Are you a business owner? Are you thinking of taking advantage of social media to increase your customer base? Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Twitter seems like a mystery to many business owners. Twitter is a social networking and microblogging platform with an average of 326 million monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2018, according to Statista.

As Twitter works differently than other mainstream social media services, many aren’t still fully familiar with how to navigate through the noise to find free Twitter followers or locate their target audience. But Twitter has some unique features which if used properly can be a great value for the company or business. One such feature is the ability to search for user profiles and status updates based on keywords.

Here are 5 ways that will help you to increase your Twitter followers in order to find new leads and potential customers for your business. Let’s get started:

1.     Search For Your Brand or Business Name

Search for your business name or brand on Twitter. You will find that many unbiased tweets about the products or services your company currently offering. You will find tweets from existing customers sharing their experiences, but you will also see tweets from potential customers mentioning your brand. Utilize this opportunity to engage potential customers through interactive conversations that will lead them to your website or online store.

2.     Search For Complementary Businesses

Another great way to find potential customers or followers on Twitter is to search for businesses that your target audience may follow in conjunction with your own products or services. This is relatively easy as 51% of active Twitter users follow brands, products, or companies on social networks. It is also possible that if they’re following a complimentary brand or service they might also follow yours. For instance, there is a high possibility that customers who like sportswear such Under Armour may also want to follow Twitter followers of sports or energy drinks like Gatorade or Red Bull.

3.     Analyze Your Competition

To stay ahead of the game it is crucial that you stay abreast of all the latest developments of your competitors. There are many tools and tactics on Twitter that allow you to keep track or “spy” of your competition. By searching through tweets of the target brand as well as the customers you not only spy on your competition, you can also get a sneak peek of what people are saying or “tweeting” about your competitor.  You can find all the good, the bad, and even the ugly tweets, but focus mainly on subtle signs of uncertainty, dissatisfaction, and interests customers expressed about your competition. This is a good opportunity to steal customers away from your competitors.

4.     Use Twitter Advertising

Today most marketers and advertisers advertise their products and services on social media including Twitter.  Advertising on Twitter allows you to specifically target and reach a bigger potential customer base in relatively less time. Surveys show that 34% of users interacted with a small and medium business after seeing their adverts on their Twitter handle. With Twitter advertising, you can determine various campaign objectives including new followers, website clicks or conversions, leads, tweet engagements, and app downloads or engagements on Twitter. Furthermore, with Twitter advertising, you can target your audience based on followers, specific keywords, and interests of your target customers. Using Twitter for advertising is also a cost-effective way to locate and convert new customers and boost offline sales by 29%.

5.     Search User Profiles or Bios

Do you realize that what users put on their Twitter handles is searchable? Since most users include things like hobbies, interests, occupation, and location on their Twitter profiles, bio searching is an effective way to get hold of your target audience. For example, if you want to advertise your brand to customers within a specific region and mile radius, you can target customers based on the location they included in their Twitter bios. There are many online tools region and mile radius that can make searching for Twitter bios quick and easy such as Social Bro, Follower Wonk, and Twitter’s own Advanced Search.

At Last But Not Least…

The above 5 techniques work great in finding potential customer or followers on Twitter, but that is just the first step to make Twitter actually contribute to your business. After successfully finding your target audience and amassing a considerable number of Twitter followers, you should engage in one-on-one conversations, interact with your followers regularly by continuously tweeting valuable content, and be updated new and useful Twitter tactics.


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Written by Raul H Powell

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