5 Best Apps & Websites to Learn Quran

If you travel a lot or have a job that makes it difficult to move with the Quran, then you need to use a digital Quran. You can simply download the app on your phone and access the Quran at any time. Here are five Quran apps for you to use.

1 QuranHost

This website allows you to learn Quran online, offers tajweed, enables you to take online Quran classes, and it gives you a choice of Quran tutor to select depending on your location and preferences. It is not just for kids but also ideal for adults. This app is available for Android users.

You can register for it with a simple process, use the free trial options, and even enroll for the complete Quran learning courses. You can learn Quran online with tajweed via Skype. This is why; Quranhost is the number one on our list of Quran learning apps and websites.

You get flexible learning hours, the best and qualified tutors from all around the world, and even multilingual tutors. If you specifically prefer a female tutor, you can also explore this option. There is a money-back guarantee as well – how much easier can this be?

2 Read Quran Offline

Read Quran offline app allows you to download the entire Quran into your android and use it. There will be no need to download additional files. Although it is quite bulky (32MB), it will not require an internet connection once downloaded.

3 alQuran

This version of the Quran app is one of the widely used ones and has translations in almost all the languages you can find in Islamic regions worldwide. You can add any of your favorite surahs to bookmarks and visit them later. alQuran has a friendly interface allowing you to zoom in and out for better reading.

4 Quran for Android

Quran for Android app provides all the important features that make reading the Quran easier. The user interface is easier with buttons for quick clicks and has more than 32 translations.

5 Quran Lite

Quran Lite is the free version of most Quran apps and has similar features as the earlier two mentioned here. However, because it is free, there are some limitations. You can bookmark more than five pages, access the translation in English, and read it in portrait or landscape view.

You can use any of these apps for Quran learning online; just choose the one that has the most options that suit you.


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