10 Signs Your Roof Needs Updating

Have you been curious about the condition of your current roof? Did you know that there are signs that your roof needs to be replaced even if you don’t have any problems? If you’re like most consumers, you probably don’t think about your roof until there’s a problem. And by then, it may be too late.

Many homeowners wait until their roof is already leaking or has other serious visible damage before taking any action. And do you know what to do if you find out your roof already needs replacement? Such is a must-know for owners living in locations with extreme patterns like in Southwest Florida.

In this blog post, we will explore the most common signs that your roof needs updating, and stay tuned for we will give you advice on what to do after the discovery of your problem!

#1: Roof aged well above the expected lifespan

What is the age of your present roof? The lifespan of a roof can range between 20 and 50 years, but it varies by material.

  • Clay and concrete tiles. In Florida, it works well by lasting 40 years on average.
  • Asphalt shingles. Last within the range of 15 to 20 years in Florida. 
  • Metal roofing. Quite expensive but has a longevity of 30 to 50 years. 

When you’re considering the costs of replacing or maintaining your roof, it’s a good idea to know when it was installed. If you aren’t sure when your roof was erected, check out your home improvement records to discover this.

It also depends on whether the previous roof was removed and only one layer of shingles remains, as well as whether it is adequately ventilated. If the current roof was put over another layer or several layers and is older than 20 years, you probably require a new roof.

#2: Visible daylight from holes

In the attic, look for any damage to the roof. Another sign that tells if your roof needs updating is if you can see daylight shining through the ceiling boards because this is indicative of wear and damage..

#3: Attic visible water damage

Roof damage might be readily identified by water stains, yellowish-brown, or grey discoloration, and peeling paint on walls and/or ceilings. Check your attic as well; damp rafters or leaks may indicate roof failure. Although you are the first line of defense in detecting roof problems, keep in mind your own limitations.

Call in a roofer for a professional inspection once a year. Inspecting your roof before any potential problems arise can help you save a lot of money by preventing damages from happening. Roofing experts have specific tools and techniques that will help them in monitoring your roof’s condition.

#4: Cooling bills spike-up

Keeping a home cool in Southwest Florida requires a lot of energy – it may even be necessary all year. There are several methods for finding out that the spiking of your cooling bills is associated with a roof problem.

The first symptom is that you find any leaks in the roof. Second, the color and roofing material does not go well with sunlight reflection. Tiles that are lighter in color or have a reflective surface, such as a metal roof, help to reflect heat. Adding solar panels to your roof is another excellent method for reducing power consumption.

#5: Invasion of molds, moss, and even fungi

Moss, mold, and fungi (such as mushrooms) indicate trapped moisture, which can damage a roof. Use a harsh brush to remove moss that grows in the shaded nooks of your roof; however, be careful to address any underlying issues if necessary.

If brushing doesn’t remove obvious moss, have a professional check the roof. Leaving this unattended can cause the deterioration of your roof and the health issues of your family, which is a massive indication that your roof needs updating. 

#6: Saggy roofing system

Sagging is an indication that the boards beneath the roof have fallen away as a result of being damp. A droopy, sagging roof will most certainly need to be replaced before any more harm is done to your house. Look for evidence of trapped moisture, decaying wood, or sagging areas like at the bottom.

Take a step back from your house and examine it from various angles. When a home’s roof appears level along its lines, indications of sagging and sinking should be apparent. This may be a sign that your roof already needs updating

#7: Missing shingle granules, gutter guards, or damaged fascia

In Southwest Florida, strong thunderstorms and tropical storms put a significant amount of stress on roofs. The extremely strong winds frequently cause shingles to lift or fly off entirely. Sometimes you can just replace a shingle or two, but the condition of the surrounding ones determines whether it’s possible to repair them.

If any of the roof’s supporting components are broken or missing, it’s a clear indication that it needs to be replaced. To ensure that the roof is structurally sound and unlikely to collapse, adequate support is required.

#8: Shingles with cupping and/or buckling

When shingles begin to cup up or buckle, it’s an indicator that they’re no longer properly connected with each other and have already incurred some damage.

A strong wind can catch the curved surface, causing further damage when it rains again. Under certain circumstances, a skilled roof repair business may replace certain shingles, but the issue might be indicative of a larger problem that can be serious.

#9: Exposed sheathing

If the roof sheathing (the boards that roofing material is attached to) is visible, that’s also a sign that your roof needs updating. The sheathing should be covered by roofing material, so if it’s exposed, there’s probably not enough roofing material left to protect your home.

#10: Inspections come to determine that repairs aren’t enough

After you’ve completed your portion of the task by having regular roof inspections, some damage is too big to be addressed with a simple repair. If a roofing professional discovers persistent issues during an inspection, replacing the roof may be more cost-effective than paying for repeated repairs.

What to do once you find out your roof needs to be updated?

If some descriptions above are checked out by the description of your roof, it is now conclusive that your roof needs updating. Roofing systems are quite difficult to handle by homeowners alone so it brings us to the avenue of hiring roofing specialists.

Finding a reliable roofing company in Southwest Florida is a must to ensure your roof is well taken care of. Firms like the Mighty Dog Roofing can certainly guide you from the process of inspection to a new roof installation. They can even give you suggestions regarding other parts of your home like sidings and gutters.

So now that you’ve been made aware of the symptoms of your roof’s deterioration, it’s imperative that you check your roofing system and start to get a move on to your next roofing escapade. This ought to give your family the utmost comfort they deserve and ensure the optimal state of your humble abode!


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