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Prepare Your Greatness

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We all pray to achieve something great and to be great…We want greatness badly, that’s why we work hard and strive hard..  This greatness we are working for, are we really prepared for it??Can you handle it?

We might not be born in the same way, not grow the same way, not trained in the same way… But we were all little, we were babies at the first attempt..As we grow, we never had the idea that I will be short or I will be tall or I will look like this, because we don’t have the idea! Someone like me didn’t know I will be this tall, because I don’t have the idea…

What am saying is.. When you become great, will you be able to handle it, will you be prepared…Many people have been great and have fallen because they couldn’t handle it, no preparation, no planning. Just know when it comes plan well and prepare well, prayers too, to make things perfect.


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they say follow your heart..!! too bad I don't have one....

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