Working out for mind, body and soul…

Monday, 8.27.18

I had a lot of errands to do today, which started from 10 am, before I went to the gym to work out, and then I had to stop at the grocery store later because Gumby was out of food. It is warm today, but it has still cooled down. Throughout the day, I noticed that weird coincidence of checking the time at 10:10 am, 11:11 am, 12:12 pm, 1:11 pm, and 2:22 pm, whether I was at home, in my car, at the gym, during yoga class, or while walking on the treadmill. I actually glanced at the clock during all these times today. But I am not sure what the sign were because I didn”t feel or see anything inspiring in some way.

This week appears to be workout week, where I will mostly work out at the gym or go on walking meetups, when I am not working on my script.


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