Why do you Need to Pass the Suffolk County Civil Service Exam?

When it comes to getting a job in Suffolk County, one of the most attractive career options to date is to work in government, particularly professions under the Civil Service Commission.

Not only do they enjoy an impressive salary, civil service employees also receive a lot of benefits that can improve their quality of life in the long run in addition to a near-guaranteed career as well as career growth if they’re lucky enough.

This means that you are practically set for life with a lot of opportunities on the horizon.

However, before you can enjoy all of these, you will first have to pass the Suffolk County Civil Service Test with flying colors.

In doing so, you will prove to the government that you meet a civil servant’s minimum skill and cognitive requirements.

After all, the people that you will have to serve will be the American public at large, and it would be bad for the agency that you are interested in joining if they hired someone incompetent or irresponsible.

So, let’s take a look at what you can encounter in the exam and what you can do in order to get an impressive score that’ll help you be selected as a prime candidate.

  1. Numerical Reasoning

Although not every job out there requires you to solve something, it is still vital for an employee to be able to do simple to complex calculations when needed.

As a result, you can expect math questions revolving around basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, rates, proportions, percentages, and even word-related problems.

Some questions, however, will utilize graphs, tables, or even statistical or financial data, and you will have to carefully analyze the provided information to know which you should use in order to find the correct answer.

  1. Verbal Reasoning

As someone that’s going to do a lot of office work, it is very important for you to have sufficient reading comprehension skills because of how many documents, such as rules, procedures, and announcements, that you will have to understand so that you can do your duties for the day effectively.

Like its name, the subjects included in this section of the Suffolk County Civil Service Exam will focus on reading comprehension, spelling, and grammar-related questions.

  1. Clerical Ability

This section in the exam is what most test-takers are not familiar with because they are rather technical in some cases and require a bit of dexterity, which can be disadvantageous if you have a physical injury that prevents you from typing fast.

Here, you can expect questions revolving around error or name and number checking, filing, encoding, stenography in some versions of the exam, as well as typing skills.

What you can do to prepare for the Suffolk County Civil Service Exam

Now that you know what to expect on test day, let’s go over a number of things that you can do in order for you to prepare.

  1. Dust off your old highschool and college books

Considering the fact that the first two sections of the Suffolk County Civil Service Test have subjects that are more at home in senior highschool or college books.

This means that with a bit of effort, you can study and prepare for nearly two-thirds of the exam with no added cost. Such books contain a lot of questions that you can practice on, maybe even how to correct the ones that you got wrong when you were a student.

  1. Improve your typing skills with free websites

When it comes to improving your typing skills, the quickest and cheapest way to do so is by going on one of the many websites online and make good use of their ‘Words Per Minute’ (WPM) functions to see how good you are.

Following this, look up the average WPM of others, particularly that of those in the position that you are aiming for should you pass the Suffolk County Civil Service Exam, and do your best to try and meet or exceed the supplied score so that you can be sure of passing the typing test.

  1. Use random character generators!

For the coding and error checking sections, one of the best ways to ace this portion of the Suffolk County Civil Service test is to go on a random character generator website, generate a string of alpha-numeric characters, then try to type them in a word processor.

This will allow you to immediately see if you are making an exact copy or if there are any mistakes.

Alternatively, you can also make two exact columns of the strings of characters, then ask a friend or family member to put mistakes in each of them so that you can hone your error checking skills.

  1. If need be, consider looking up a study guide

If you really want to make sure that your attempt at the civil service exam goes smoothly, not just at Suffolk County, then you should consider getting the help of online study guides and preparation courses.

Although there are a handful of them, these services are specifically designed to give you the best methods to figure out how to find the correct answer for each topic, allowing you to save time and freeing you from stress if a formula is too complex or if math isn’t your forte.

Some providers even provide a number of practice tests that contain practice questions that are similar to the ones that you can encounter in the actual exam.

With that being said and done, you remember one thing: at the end of the day, the civil service exam is just a test designed to measure cognitive abilities that the government deems as necessary to have as an employee under its many agencies.

Even if you didn’t do well on the first or couple of tries, this is not proof that you can’t pass it the second time around, you only need to prepare and study better.


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