What Should You Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Firsts are always memorable, and your first tattoo is no different. In most cases, tattoos have a story, and therefore having a purpose for your tattoo will mean more to you. Also, this helps your tattoo artist comprehend your inspiration for getting the tattoo and most importantly get the art just right. With this, you walk out of the session content with the art that is eternally etched into your skin!

Since you are getting a piece of art on your body that’s going to be with you for a long time to come, it is worth spending time doing your homework to be prepared for the experience. I am sharing everything you need to know for an experience as smooth and less painful. Here are some steps you can follow to ensure that you walk away falling in love with your new artwork.

Thorough Research of a Tattoo Studio and Artist:

Selecting the right studio and artist takes quite some time, so don’t rush the process. Each tattoo artist will have a different interpretation of your design idea. It is vital to understand if the artist is willing to take on your idea and hence choose the right artist for your style. A talented tattoo artist will pay detailed attention to your idea, then propose a design before setting your appointment(s) and ink the design exactly the way you want. What better could you ask for! Artists these days use social media widely to display their portfolios, so use this to your advantage and do good research. Once you choose the artist, take some time out to schedule a consultation and visit their studio. This helps to get the vibe of the place which is imperative.

Ensure that the studio is safe and reputable by going through online reviews and asking for previously worked arts that help you decide if you want to proceed further. Be sure to find out if they are trained and certified while you should also take a good look at the facilities themselves.

Selection of Tattoo Design, Style, and Placement 

The design, style, and placement of a tattoo should all be well-thought-out. Some would consider their personal choice while some would go with the artist’s ideas and inputs for the thoughtful design. If you are not too sure, then look for an artist with a visual that aligns with your own and you will not be disappointed.

If it’s your first tattoo then you might want to get inked in an area of the body that is least painful such as the forearm. It is also suggested to avoid getting a tattoo on your hands and feet because these areas require more visits to the studio and touch-ups as they fade sooner.

Discuss With Your Artist Before You Commit:

Consult your artist and discuss everything relating to your design. The best tattoos are collective efforts between a client and the artist. Ask your questions about the time it will take to accomplish the design, costs, and payments, preparation required before your tattoo, and aftercare. This allows for everyone to be on the same page and you end up with a great piece!

Prepare for your appointment and be on Time:

It is vital to get a good night’s sleep and eat well before your appointment as you could get dizzy on an empty stomach. Avoid alcohol and painkillers before getting inked as they can thin the blood slightly.

Tattooing is a little time-consuming process and most artists only allow for defined periods to finish their client’s work. So, be on time and prepare yourself for an interesting experience.

Aftercare Instructions

Ensure to take aftercare instructions and follow the day by day tattoo healing process. Take best care and keep the new tattoo as dry as possible, away from saltwater and excessive amounts of direct sunlight as this will fade your new art.

So, folks go ahead and get inked! Enjoy your new tattoo and flex it. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback about the artist and the tattoo studio you visit. Who knows, you might well want another tattoo real soon.


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