Trucker accessories to keep you not bored on the way

Let’s be honest. Driving a truck for a week in a row on the same road that doesn’t change is boring. Yes, you can turn on the “road mode” and think about something of your own while you look at the road. Experienced truck drivers say it’s like autopilot. However, this is also not an option. You can and should spend time usefully, especially if you are bored. We asked the owner-operator from the dispatch service here about what drivers most often use in their cars. How do they entertain themselves on the road?

Top 4 best accessories for truck drivers not to get bored on the road


Have you long wanted to read “Gone with the Wind” or “Blade Runner”? You have a lot of time for this! The beauty of audiobooks is that they don’t distract from work. You don’t need to look at the screen, switch something — listen to your favorite books and enjoy. You can also listen to podcasts, lectures, courses, etc.


Connect your phone to the speaker and talk to your loved ones. Previously, there was a significant risk that truck drivers couldn’t make a maneuver with one hand free of the phone. Now your children, wife, owner-operator from the dispatch service talk to you and don’t interfere with work, as noted on this site. 

The company will help

The owner-operator dispatch service should help their drivers not to get bored on the road, as they do here. After all, this is a problem for the driver himself and the company — it is more pleasant to work with decorations and garlands. This means that the employee will remain in the team.  

Portable Video Player

This option is only suitable if you have a lot of driving experience and know that you won’t stare at the screen. If this is the case, you can watch many movies and your favorite TV shows on the trip.


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