Tricycle Drivers

Hello 🙂
As we all know(or the majority of the audience here at least) know Buknoy’s issue. Him belittling the tricycle driver.
My opinion is just simple: WHAT HE DID IS WRONG.
Letting someone down just because they have the job that they have is never okay. We should never look down on someone just because of their line of work.
What is wrong with being a tricycle driver by the way?
As a commuter myself, tricycle drivers are real kind and they take us places when we needed transportation. Sometimes along the way, they even tell their tales and dreams especially their dream for their children.
It just really hurts my heart to see Buknoy’s vlog about them. They did not deserved that, especially the one that is on the video.
I hope his apology is sincere and he would not do it again, not on any kind of work.

To all tricycle drivers, you rock!!!
Thank you for driving us to places.
Thank you for being friendly and telling us stories sometimes.
Thank you for working under the heat or under the pouring rain.
Keep on working hard for your families.
Keep on working hard for their dreams and yours as well.
Thank you for existing.
You guys are awesome!
Let us be kind!



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Written by Vanessa

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