Too Late – (Jim) – 1


Jim didn’t answer the pm.   He went on to do something else.

Sure, the message was from someone who had been a good friend for years; but his wife didn’t like her. Ivy didn’t like most of Jim’s friends and family.

Ivy always adopted a view she knew his friends wouldn’t support.   Mos recently she had this rabid support for a particular politician.

Everyone Jim knew was anti that politician.

If Jim had  full control of his brain, something he sacrificed on marriage, he  would realise that Ivy selected her pros  and antis based on opposing his family and friends.

Any attempt to confront Ivy’s views led to a long emotional diatribe which never stopped.  One couldn’t argue with Ivy.  She would go on and on.

To be silent, to appear to support, even to give over his will to Ivy, was the wisest method.


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Written by jaylar

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