Too Late – Corinne – 3

Corinne thought about Burt after he and Molly had gone.  She decided to be on the porch at nine, when they would arrive.

They did arrive at the specified time, greeted her, exchanged a few words, went inside.  In about ten minutes Burt came to the porch.

Corinne and Burt spoke easily.  He mentioned he had a job, but was on a two week vacation.  She told him the same.

To keep his company, she asked him to walk her to the beach across the road and kept up an amusing conversation.

In a round about way she learned that he wasn’t married.  That meant she had a chance.

Not that Corinne was pretty or felt herself a match to Molly, but to attract a man who was connected to Molly boosted her ego.


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Written by jaylar

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