Too Late – [Abby] – 5

Abby confronted Billy about his jealousy.  Billy replied that it wasn’t jealousy, it just seemed evident that her  old school pal Spencer was looking to become more.

All Abby saw and heard was Billy turning into Mac.

She didn’t listen to Billy’s words, or how he spoke, she just repeated she couldn’t deal with jealousy.

An argument began.

They went to sleep in different rooms.

In the morning, Billy went to work, she called in sick, packed and moved into a motel.

That evening Billy called her.   Abby told him she was not going to be his victim and the relationship was over. Billy claimed not to know what she was talking about.

Abby hung up, then  cried a little.

The next day at work she spoke about needing a flat. One of her coworkers had a basement apartment to rent. She took it, moved in there.

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