Tips to take the Best GoPro for your Wedding and Pre-wedding Photoshoots

When you think about the GoPro cameras, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the high adrenaline sporting activities like mountain biking, snorkeling, skydiving, etc. However, the GoPro camera is growing in its use for capturing the happy emotions of a wedding.

The GoPro cameras are tiny, lightweight, and are also much easier to put into the camera bag during the wedding days. It is little wonder that GoPro cameras are loved by photographers throughout the world. You must avail of the services of the best pre-wedding studio in Delhi.

Here is a list of nine simple tips to capture the beautiful, happy emotions of the pre-wedding and the wedding with a Gopro:

1. Get Time-lapse videos like a romantic movie and you can enjoy the wedding while the camera does the capture: 

You just need to mount the GoPro on a flex clamp or a tripod mount or a flex clamp or if you want to make it more fun, on your own, or someone’s head. These videos can be very dramatic and can set the scene, establish your location, show the progression from one time to another during the pre-wedding, and the wedding. It’s very simple to take of the rising sun on the big day, the hosts getting busy while being happy at the same time while making arrangements for their guests, the floating clouds on the happy occasion, the reception, the ceremony spaces filling with guests, or the wedding party getting ready.

2.The joy of giving and receiving gifts:

It is a popular practice nowadays for the bride and groom to give each other a gift on the day of the wedding. Take their permission and place a GoPro inside of the gift box to capture the joyous reaction of the person receiving the gift. You can also extend the practice of placing a GoPro for the wedding party gifts. If you are a resident of Delhi, then get a good pre-wedding video shoot in Delhi.

3. Try putting the camera at an interesting location at the Altar :

You can put the GoPro behind the altar or at the mandap. It might not be possible for a person to stand there and take a photograph but a GoPro can go where the person cannot. A pre-wedding video shoot in Delhi will help you to get some of the best wedding videos that you will cherish for a lifetime.

4. Attach it to the Car: 

You can make good use of the suction cup to attach the GoPro camera to the car. You have the option of setting it up like a time-lapse to capture the drive to the venue or place it inside the car to capture the nervous emotions before the wedding. If you are lucky, you will be able to capture a few goof ups which you can laugh about and enjoy later. There is also a very good pre-wedding studio in Gurgaon and you can get the videos shot there.

 5. Think Candid Camera: 

A great way to capture a time-lapse of the ceremony is hiding the Gopro, with due permission of the hosts, so that you can capture a video of people being themselves rather than them being self-conscious before a camera.

 6. GoPro on a bottle or a welcome drink: 

Use the suction cup to attach a GoPro to the bottle so that it moves around and captures people. You can have fun later watching the ceremony from the perspective of a bottle. Choosing the right photoshoot location in Gurgaon will help you to get good videos.

7. To break the ice with the guests, mount it on someone’s Selfie Stick: 

You can use it to break the ice with the guests and capturing the party from their perspective.

8. Capturing the gearing up or dressing up moments before the ceremony: 

You can place a GoPro at a place when the party is about to get started and people are getting ready. Only a Gopro can do this job as people are usually anxious during this time and usually do not allow a person with a camera at this time.

9. You can experience the fun of distortion with a GoPro:

The GoPro camera is very tough while being very small and light and its suction cup can be used to prop it up anywhere.  You can shoot your subject from different angles to add some fun and excitement. Rather than shooting at eye level, you can make your subjects appear larger by shooting from below or make them appear smaller by shooting from the top or you can tilt the camera left or right to experiment from a fun angle.

According to Brain juicer, a pioneering market research company, we, humans, are gloriously emotional beings. We cherish the emotions of happy occasions for a lifetime by going over it again and again. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. The latest in camera technology like the Gopro camera does an excellent job of capturing videos while being mounted somewhere. The videos and photographs captured by a GoPro, when watched later, almost transports the viewer to that time and place in the past when the video was captured or the photograph was taken. Using a GoPro might be a good idea if you want to get transported to the happy emotions of a wedding as a participant rather than just watching a video


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