Tips to Keep Kids Busy During Coronavirus Lockdown

Kids’ holidays are always fun but, in a situation, where the world is on lockdown due to a pandemic, it becomes extremely difficult to handle the kids at home. Kids always want to go out and have fun. Rather than playing indoor games, they usually prefer the outdoor ones. Amusement parks, swimming pools, play areas, and kids’ museums are some of their favorite places. However, with the prevailing coronavirus situation, we cannot afford to compromise on their requests and tantrums.

Be it a kid or an adult, we all need to take extra measures to stay safe and that is the reason why many countries are imposing lockdowns. Employees are working from homes and this is the biggest hurdle in handling the kids. Daycare centers are closed as well and it has become difficult for parents to manage kids with work. To deal with this situation, we can use some strategies to keep the kids busy at home. These tips are discussed below:

Make screen time informative 

Though a lot of screen time is not good for kids, an hour or so is not a problem. However, parents should ensure that children are watching cartoons or a YouTube channel on the TV and not on the mobile. Some smart televisions have the option to connect to a Wi-Fi network.  Now, you need to take the responsibility to decide what your kids will watch.

You can use this time to enhance their language skills. A YouTube channel called “Blippi” is great for enhancing English language skills. It has colorful, informative, and attractive videos that keep the children hooked for quite some time. Besides this, you can go for some of the well-known cartoons like Arthur, Sid-the science kid, and Sesame Street.

You can also let your kids play video games. On one hand, these games are a good dose of entertainment and on the other hand, they help in creative thinking. Sniper clips, Lego-the Incredible, and Rayman Legends are some of the best video games that kids can play.

Set goals in doing household chores and reward 

Kids should always be involved in household chores as they learn a lot of things from it. These chores are a great way to give some independence to kids. For instance, asking your child to clean his own room will give him confidence and a sense of responsibility. This is the best time to involve them in the household chores since they do not have to attend their schools and moms have a lot of stuff to get done.

Mothers will also get a helping hand when kids are involved in household chores. However, moms should always be ready for some mess. You can make a chart and set goals for your child. For instance, you can give two days for resetting the study table in the way they want. Similarly, you can also ask for setting their own shoe rack. This will bring out their creativity and let them take action with confidence.

You can take another smart step by rewarding the kids. To keep them motivated, reward them with board games which keep them involved and which they play easily at home. In the same way, you can buy an accessory or a stationery item that your child loves. Buying a pack of markers and a scrapbook is great to keep the child busy. You can also buy paints and a small standing board.

Get them activity books

Activity books are a great pass-time and a good source of learning. Some books have stickers in them that the children can peel off and stick on various areas within the book. You can get these books online as they are great for creative learning. These books come in plain and lucid language so that the kids can do the activities on their own.

Craft books are also available that illustrate various crafts with pictures. By looking at these pictures, children can make interesting things themselves. However, you need to give them a little guidance in the beginning.

Moreover, craft activities can also be done from a YouTube channel. Many channels teach kids on how to make small crafts by using material like formic sheets, colored papers, used plastic bottles, old clothes, and so on. These things are not only interesting but there is a lot of learning in it.

Learning Toys 

Toys are something that always appeal to the kids but they usually get bored with them after some time. It is advised not to give all the toys to your kids at once; they will get disinterested and then you will have no option to entertain them. Give them one toy at a time and let them play with it to the fullest before moving to the next one.

Toys like Lego are the best for learning in a creative way. Do not ask your child to make anything. Just give them the Lego and let them make things of their choice. Cash counter toys are also available online and they are great for learning math concepts like addition, subtraction, etc.

Skype calling their friends

Since children are not attending their schools, they must be missing their friends. Skype is a great way to keep them connected with their friends. They can have fun while having a group video chat. Not only this, but they can also play online games with their friends and have a good time.

Since children are also not able to visit their close relatives like grandparents, uncles and aunts, Skype calling is an excellent alternative for staying in touch with them.

These fun-loving and creative activities will allow your kids to have a good time. However, you should not forget teaching your children about the seriousness of this virus. Tell them why the whole country is having a lockdown. Various businesses including Carpet Cleaning Bromley, factories, airlines, and operations of all major industries have come to a halt so that the virus can be controlled. Repeatedly tell them the importance of handwashing in this scenario and make them aware that this lockdown is for our own good.

Undoubtedly, it’s a tough time for the whole world; these strategies can help you out in keeping your kids busy and entertained throughout the day.


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