There Was No Love – part 25

I  never loved Patrick and his death was no more of an impact then the death of the clerk at the supermarket.  The absence of a familiar face.

If I had loved him, even a little, the pain would be enormous.  How can one live after ‘half’ of them is gone?

I could imagine having married my beloved; no.  I could not have lived  without him.  If he had loved me half as much as I had loved him, if we had shared our lives, I could not breathe without him.

Fortunately,  I suppose, I never married the man I loved and never loved the man I  married.

I  will never know the torment that my neighbour Louise experienced. Never feel incomplete without my husband as Louise did.

I  recall, when Fred, Louise’s husband died, and she collapsed and could barely function, Patrick said to me;  “I guess we are lucky…”

I had looked at him, one of those rare moments when our souls touched and thankfully, agreed.


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Written by jaylar

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