The Song – part 6

They promised to meet right after Christmas.   His family tradition was to have a family gathering in another city.   Her’s was the same kind of caravan.

When she returned home, on the 28th of December, she phone his house, with no answer.  She assumed he hadn’t yet returned.

She waited for his call, it didn’t come, and spent New Year’s at home, they travelled back to her campus.  She expected him to call.   He didn’t.

She was angry, felt tricked.     She let two weeks pass, then called the dorm.  He was no longer at the dorm.

She cried.  She went to her room and cried.

She called his home a few days later, and there was no answer.

It was over.

And she heard the song.  And she started to cry again.


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Written by jaylar

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