The Song – part 5

Just before the end of summer break he climbed to a little tree house in her yard.   He knew she would be there.

It was late, quiet.

She sat in the darkness but he could see her.

He spoke.

He told her he thought she had met someone and was blowing him off during Spring Break.  That is why he found a surrogate.

She was torn to pieces that he could think she would ever find anyone she could like, much  less love as she loved him.

He felt devastated and cried as he apologised.   She began to cry.  They held each other.

So many tears, so many words.  So much pain.

She was more hurt than he could imagine, for to surmount his misreading of her, he had ruined their relationship.

How could he have been so jealous without proof?

It would take time to heal, but they would.

When they returned to their colleges, they phoned each other, met on the weekends, working their way back to where they had been before Easter.

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Written by jaylar

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