The Punishment of a Long Life – 24 (End)

Perhaps, if Rebecca could have surmounted her prejudices, she would have met her Grandson David and Great Granddaughter when they arrived.  But her neighbours didn’t know she had two daughters nor that one of them had non white children.  Not that Rebecca had ever seen them, or learned their names.

The only child she admitted was Harriet.  Some had seen her when she came those years ago.  Some had not.  Perhaps Rebecca should have taken Miriam’s number, called her a few times, learned about her life.  Miriam seemed interested in her.   It was over ten year since the first call.

Ten years, and only today she learned a bit of Miriam’s life.

She might have learned more, if she hadn’t cut the call.  But Rebecca did not want to remember Miriam.  She wanted Harriet to be the daughter of her dreams.

Harriet didn’t call on the anniversary of her parent’s marriage, she didn’t even remember when it was.    But there would be no recriminations, for Harriet was all Rebecca claimed to have.

Which is why  Rebecca sleeps with her prejudices, alone.


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Written by jaylar

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