The Punishment of a Long Life – 22

Rebecca and Dotty lived in their own world.   It could have been 1938.  Beyond the television and a few other ‘anomalies’  their life returned to what it was when Rebecca was 18 and Dotty  16.

It was an easy, comfortable life, until Dotty died.

Rebecca phoned Dottie’s sons, then called Harriet.   Where Alan and Edward were devastated, Harried was somewhat unconcerned about the death of her Aunt and, said she wouldn’t be able to come for the funeral.

Rebecca hung up and looked into space. Shortly after, there was a call from someone she didn’t know.

He identified himself as David, the son of Miriam.  Said he and his daughter were passing through town, wanted to meet her.

Rebecca told him her sister had just died and she couldn’t meet anyone right now and cut the call.

She went back to looking at the wall.

The next day, Miriam called. They spoke a few minutes about Dottie, then, as usual, Rebecca ended the call.

She didn’t take Miriam’s number, didn’t share anything with her, nor ask any questions.

Miriam could have been a telemarketer.

It had been fifty four years since she had seen Miriam.   She knew nothing about her.  And didn’t want to know.


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Written by jaylar

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