The Punishment of a Long Life – 21

Rebecca didn’t know if she wanted to talk to Miriam, and probably, if Dottie had answered the phone, would have declined to take the call.   If she had realised it was Miriam maybe she would have hung up.

But, thinking it was Harriet, Rebecca felt so happy, began to talk, then, when she realised who it was, cut the call short.

She sat for a time. Dottie questioned, and she told her.

Dottie sneered, she had never liked Miriam.   Not even as a baby.  Rebecca didn’t defend her daughter.   She said nothing more.

On Mother’s day, Rebecca received a gift.  She called Harriet, to thank her.

“I didn’t send you anything!” Harriet nearly barked, annoyed that her mother had disturbed her.

It was clear the gift was from Miriam.

Shortly, Miriam called, and Rebecca was polite, but cut the call short.


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Written by jaylar

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