The Punishment of a Long Life – 16

When Miriam married, and moved away,  the house was quiet.

No one spoke of her, and the only link was that each Sunday, Harriet would visit her older sister, Miriam.  Rebecca and Maxie never asked  about Miriam nor did Harriet volunteer.

Other than that weekly visit, all Harriet did was attend her college classes and come home.  She very rarely went out.

There was no discordance. No discussion, no arguments, Harriet was silent until required to give an answer.

Towards the end of her Senior year, Harriet  brought a girl friend home.  They went into her bedroom, locked the door.

After a time, Rebecca knocked. Harriet told her to leave her alone.

Later, Harriet informed her  parents that as soon as she graduated she would move out.


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Written by jaylar

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