The Punishment of a Long Life – 11

Rebecca had always kept her feelings, her opinions, her ideas to herself.  No one knew, not even her husband, how she really felt about anything.

Rebecca was so good as this that no one, not even her husband realised there was a whole ‘secret’  woman beneath the skin of his wife.

This ability was transmitted to Harriet, for never in all the years they lived with her would they have ever imagined that she could pack and leave and feel nothing.

Rebecca pretended she didn’t know that the word was contempt.

When you have contempt, you don’t argue, you don’t defend, you don’t express your true views, you let others make assumptions.  Let others think you will vote this way or that you enjoy this program, because you don’t care at all what they think.

Rebecca tried not to allow the reality of Harriet to hurt her, after all, Harriet was just like her and she ought have realised it.


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Written by jaylar

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