The Power of Handwritten Thank You Cards

An expression of gratitude is synonymous to having a good character. It also implies humility and appreciation towards other people. Showing gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness. It always helps people feel a more positive outlook. Gratitude is a source of happiness because you tend to feel blessed and you focus on the good. 

Saying ‘thank you’ is a nice gesture and it can be expressed in various ways but in this technology-driven era, a handwritten thank you card goes beyond the usual casual expression.

The art of handwriting is now a novelty and rarely done in today’s digitally driven world. The polite gesture of sending handwritten thank you cards has been replaced by a few keystrokes over various messaging apps and email. Sadly, personal connections are lost through the convenience of electronically sent messages.

It’s about time that people should realize the value of the personalized greeting cards and handwritten thank you messages in today’s world where we always miss real connection with people especially those that matter in our life.

Genuine expression of appreciation. Sending handwritten thank you cards clearly shows genuine appreciation which equates to giving importance to the receiver. It would never be as valuable as saying thank you over email or a messaging app. Adding a personal touch with your handwritten note will sincerely show gratitude testament to your good character.

Create lasting impression. True to the saying that ‘first impressions last’ then sending a handwritten thank you card is a good idea. Whether it’s for a favor given to you or a birthday gift that you received, saying thank you through a handwritten note will have a good impact that would be memorable to your recipient.

Build better personal connections. Whether you are planning to send handwritten thank you cards for personal or business purposes, the mere act of creating one with your personalized message is a good step in building stronger connections. Recipients will cherish your thoughtful gesture with the time and effort you have put through in sending out a personalized handwritten thank you card. 

Many people are still skeptical of sending handwritten notes for one reason: they find it time consuming. Well, that was a thing of the past because nowadays, there’s this service offering everyone a very convenient way of sending handwritten thank you cards. The cards are personalized and the messages are handwritten by robot machines that has the capability of doing the real human penmanship. You can use your own crafted message or if you are really occupied or you are not that good in writing, you can just select among the pre-written messages then have it handwritten by robots. They will also take care of the delivery for you, almost anywhere in the world. When it comes to pricing, this type of service is not really expensive, it actually offers a win-win situation because you don’t have to spend much of your time but you get the best service and product you deserve.

The art of handwriting may not appeal to everyone where most people would prefer sending casual “thank you” with just a few keystrokes on electronic devices, but going the extra mile by sending something personalized and handwritten will always create the greatest memory.


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Written by Virily Editor

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