The Played – 38

Simone’s parents had their own agenda.  When Simone retreated to her eighteen year old self, they wanted to keep her there.

The best idea, in their minds, was to move to a state she had never lived.    They would leave everything that could possibly remind her of Damian behind.

This included her son, Derek.

They sold their home in Florida and along with a psychiatric nurse, who Simone thought was her cousin Elsie, moved to Virgina.

They paid the caregiver to adopt Derek,  promising to send a large sum every week.   For the caregiver this was paradise.   She’d be paid to look after little Derek who related to her as if she was his mother.

Simone’s parents felt they had gotten a second lease on life.  If Simone never recalled Damian, or the baby, she could start a new life, and meet someone of her class.


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Written by jaylar

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