The Played – 37

Simone, unable to find her beloved Damian, continued to deteriorate. She was hospitalised again.  Her parents, not enamoured of the mixed race child, Derek, found a caregiver who would foster him.

Their idea was to remove all reference to Damian from their daughter’s life.

Simone went into a vegetative state, then to mentally unbalanced.  She would scream until she lost her voice.   She would cry until she passed out. Then she would stare at nothing.

Simone who had lived her rich and spoiled life always getting what she wanted could not deal with loss.  Of course, she had divorced Damian.  She had thrown him out for adultery.   So Simone had gotten her way.

But Simone wanted Damian, needed him, couldn’t live without him.

Her doctors laboured over her, and she began to retreat to the past.  Her parents encouraged this.

Thinking she was eighteen years old,  Simone began to talk about going to college.  Her parents fortified her delusion.  Eighteen was long before she had met Damian.

Simone’s parents, pleased with this situation,  wanted her doctors to maintain that delusion.   They had the money to pay for it and get the treatment they wanted.


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Written by jaylar

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