The Played – 33

Lucy-Ann Townsend drove all night from Orlando to Tallahassee.   She stopped for breakfast, relaxed a bit, then found a car lot,  sold her car.

She had used the name Lucy Talbot on her driver’s license and the ownership papers.   Once she sold the car, had her money, she  took a taxi to the airport and flew to Minneapolis under a different name.

The reason she chose Minneapolis was that the plane was leaving shortly and there were available seats.

As a Jamaican, born looking over her shoulder, she had more than one identity.  Just as she had taught her daughter and her daughter had taught Damian.

It wasn’t pure fraud.

Most Jamaicans are given a name at birth which they wear to school.  But at home, with their family, they have a different name.   As they grow up, they get their ‘street’ name.

She had been born in Trelawney, as Lucy Ann Dobbins.   Growing up, she had often dropped her first name, so many people called her Ann or Annie.

She had moved to Kingston,  married Townsend,  went up to America on that name. The marriage between them fell apart, but she stayed with him until she got her citizenship.

Talbot was the name she had worn to work before she became legal.  Lucy Talbot was an American who died years before.    Lucy-Ann had bought her birth certificate and social security number.


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