The Played – 32

Lucy-Ann  realised that if she kept  items from her beauty salon to help her begin anew, they could be traced.   It was better to sell them, take the loss, if there was one, to keep her daughter’s secret.

She immediately returned the few items she had taken from the salon, the furniture, the dryers, and sold the business.   She wasn’t going to wait, argue, she needed to move now.

She sold her household property at auctions.  She  cut her possessions to a few suitcases.

Lucy-Ann had begun her performance  two months ago, talking about Jamaica, how she missed her mother and granny and the food, on and on.

Then two weeks ago,  she told everyone she was going back to Jamaica.

That is when she finalised the sale of her business and  possessions.   She didn’t pay her rent, she slipped out of town one night, drove  to Tallahassee.

If Jeremiah came snooping, he’d be misdirected long enough for her to get to Hawaii and settle.


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Written by jaylar

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