The Played – 3

Lucy-Ann was immensely proud of her daughter’s ability to start with nothing, and leave with something.

Lucy-Ann didn’t think she, herself, was capable of marrying a repulsive man to gain half the proceeds from a rather fine house.

Although she raised Kat and trained her, her daughter had surpassed all    expectation.

To find a man like Jerry and take her time to dispel his suspicions took incredible patience.  To get him to marry her,  without having to lie down, that was unbelievable.  And then, to get her name on the title of a property she had not contributed one cent to, was genius.

To go on year to year with a man she found physically repulsive, yet give him a child, took a great deal of fortitude.

As amazing as this was, it paled beside the fact that Kat was able to maintain a clandestine affair with Damian for twelve years.   Have an active affair, but leave  not a hint of infidelity. Jerry didn’t even know Dami existed!

Kat might appear weak, she might seem of average intelligence, but she had a razor sharp mind and the ability to create and execute a complicated plan without a hitch.

It was amazing.


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Written by jaylar