The Played -18

Damian Holness had lived his life as did Katherine; with a plan and observance of possibles.

When he completed his education, he had applied to a number of hospitals.  He told one group of friends he was going to Presbyterian in New York, aware there were a number of them.  He  told another group he was going to Chicago, dropping  the name ‘Northwestern’ which also appeared in the name of a number of hospitals.

When he walked out of the hospital, that last day, he told no one it was his last day.

He went to Lucy-Ann’s flat,  the ‘war’ was over.  He spent the night with Kat; the first time they had ever been able to sleep together.

The next day he and Kat collected her investment from the bank, got into the car Jerry had bought for Kat, and drove to another town.   Lucy-Ann had wanted to go with them, but remained behind.

Dami and Kat  married, sold the car, went to the airport.   They booked tickets under other names.

He had a driver’s licence which identified him as Keith Thompson, she had one in the name of Andrea Green.

She had streaked her hair with blonde, he wore glasses, they acted as if they didn’t know each other and  flew to California.

Arriving, they relaxed for two days, in a kind of mini  honeymoon,  then  on to Hawaii, he as George Robinson, she as Linda Daly.   She wore the glasses,  he wore a false mustache.

Once they landed and were out of the airport they went to a motel, changed back into themselves, and spent the night.

In the morning, he reported to the hospital, she went apartment hunting.


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Written by jaylar

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