The Played – 10

Almost a decade ago, Simone had seen Damian and fallen insanely in love with him.   He was absolutely adorable.  Mixed race, a bit shy, perfectly proportioned.   His big brown eyes would look at her with affection.

She was fat and plain, resembling the Pillsbury Doughboy.   All the money she had wouldn’t change her pale skin, her thin hair, her clumsy features.

She could lose weight, wear makeup, but why bother?  That wasn’t her.  And if anyone fell in love with that woman, it wouldn’t be her.

She had been interested in Damian from the moment he smiled at her and offered a pleasantry.

She had no idea he knew exactly who she was, the width of her bank balance, and her family connections, before she met his eyes.

Damian had the ability to appear innocent.  And when he was  playing a ‘mark’ he wouldn’t even glance at another woman.

He wanted to be a doctor, but couldn’t afford it.  Knowing how to play Simone, once they began dating, he talked about joining the Army.

If he did,  Simone realised that she might never see him again.

So she made her offer; marriage for medical school.

He seemed stunned that all she could want to marry little him.

Of course Simone didn’t know, would never know, that he had orchestrated every aspect of their relationship to reach this moment.


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Written by jaylar

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