The Other Side of Luck – [Cathy] – 1

Cathy called her father’s cell phone.

She, her husband, her brothers, Benjie and Val,  and their wives, were waiting for Daddy at the Holiday Inn.

She had spent a few hundred dollars, Benjie and Val had tossed in a few bucks. but it was Cathy who funded Daddy’s seventieth birthday party.

Yeah, Daddy had told her not to bother.   He told her he didn’t want a party.  But she wanted to do it. She wanted him here, as did Benjie and Val.

She looked at her brothers and their wives as Daddy’s phone rang.

They expected to hear Cathy’s petulantly whine;  “Where are you?  You are supposed to be here!”

But Cathy didn’t get to say that.


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Written by jaylar

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