The Most Common First Date Turn-offs According to the Experts

The whole world of dating is a very tricky one to maneuver. It is known that every individual has their tastes and choices. However, there are certain things which can act as a turn-off during the very first date and turn down the potential suitors from taking the relationship to the next level. It is widely known that “The first impression is the best impression.”

You can judge a person if they are perfect or not on the very first date. You can set up an excellent tinder profile, but you need to be at your best behavior on the first date. You can try getting people who have similar tastes as yourself by searching for Matchmaker Sydney and log on to their websites. There are a few things which can be a significant turn-off during a first date, and here they are:

  • Being too Keen: This can be a tough nut to crack. You do not want to look too much desperate during the first date. Showing so much interest in what your partner says is not so healthy. You can be regular on your first date and let the date go on as smoothly as possible. It is vital to be yourself during the first date. If you get too keen to know about her life and her dreams, it might make the potential partners feel overwhelmed. If the date went well, you could text and arrange for a second date. Do not send countless messages saying what you think about your partner and make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not be a Pushover: No one likes a fool. If your date has planned to hang out at a bar and you do not drink, tell it to them. Make your choice. Doing whatever they feel like doing can make them feel special, but you will not be comfortable, and this is not something we want you to do on a first date. Also, when you are ordering the food, make your own choices and give your partner the same freedom.
  • Do not Show Up Late at the Venue: On a first date, make sure that you arrive on time. Even if it takes a lot of time for you to get dressed and come to the place, be on time. Plan accordingly and reach there on time. Being punctual will create a strong impression and can be a bonus to you.
  • Do Not Wear Uncomfortable Clothes: A first date is not the right time to wear uncomfortable clothes. First dates are filled with anxiety already and wearing uncomfortable clothes will only make it worse. It will look bad if you are not able to walk a few blocks just because your pants are tight or your shoes are small. You would not want to miss these special moments. Wear clothes which look good on you but also not stop you from being calm and composed.
  • Do not Get Yourself Attached to Your Phone at all Times: This is a deal-breaker. It is tough to have a conversation with someone who looks at their phone all the time. It is common for people to keep their phones on the table, but it should not be the same when you are meeting someone for the first time. Replying to every beep can be distracting and unnecessary. Try to be more mature and keep the phone in your bag or pocket. You can take a look at it if your date goes to use the washroom. Try not to post updates about the date on social media because it will be quite embarrassing if the date does not turn out to be good.
  • Do not Try to Prove Your Worth: This is a big NO during a first date. Do not mention about your ex, your history of dating, the time you spend at a gym, list of girls trying to date you, and so on. You can highlight some of your recent achievements but do not brag about anything. Your date might be interested in your accomplishments, but she will not be involved in all the girls who are trying to get to you.


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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