The Lucky One – Alana – part 6

Matt bought the tickets and he and Alana  flew to his country.  Matt was so attentive and affectionate.

The flight was long, but being together made it more joy than discomfort.

When they landed, Matt took selfies of them he posted to his Facebook  page.

The first  place he took her was to his parent’s home, and another round of selfies.  Then they went to a lovely guest  house.

They slept, woke, ate,  and Matt took her everywhere, holding her hand, kissing her,  he had never been so romantic.

They went to a place where there was Salsa dancing and he was on the floor, doing the right steps, but still  clumsy, while she dazzled.

She felt like a  movie star, with people coming up to her, complimenting her, wanting to dance with her.

It was living a fantasy.


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Written by jaylar

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