The Lucky One – (Alana) – 9

Matt came home from work in a mass of confusion.  He told Alana in a blurt that he would be sent back to his country at the end of the month.   No reason was given.

Alana calmed him.    Although he wanted to stay in her country a bit longer, he would peacefully go home and send for her when he was settled.

Their parting was sad, but it was only temporary.

As there was no time factor specified, Alana told no one, and did nothing different.  She continued to work, go to salsa,  go out with her friends, be a mommy to her children.

Matt called her every day, mostly to complain about Maria, the divorce, the alimony, the child support, as if  he never envisioned these things.

She tried to calm him, after all, she had gone through it, but he seemed unable to grasp the fact that when there is a divorce there are arguments over custody, child support,  and recriminations.

He was sullen, upset.   Often, he ended the call.

His childish behaviour began to erode her love.  She told herself it was just a stage he was going through.


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Written by jaylar

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