The Encounter

Just after Jamey’s second child was born he started to imagine what would happen if Denny came back.

He was now over weight, lazy. He couldn’t care less about anything.

Looking at that bland dull guy in the mirror made him ask himself; “Could he face Denny looking like this?”

Jamey joined a gym and spent every evening working out.  He watched his diet.  He did puzzles, trying to sharpen his mind.    Beyond smoking six cigarettes a day, he lived a healthy life style.

As the months passed, Carol was impressed by her husband’s return to his dynamic High School self. She was fat and frumpy and remained that way.

Jamey never encouraged her to change her diet or do exercises.   She appreciated the fact he wasn’t trying to control her.  She didn’t realise he couldn’t care less.

She considered him unobservant.  Often she would regale their friends how he didn’t notice she had dyed her hair or cut it or did her eye brows differently.

It never crossed her mind that her darling husband didn’t care.


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Written by jaylar

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