The Encounter – 5

Denny had gone half a block East, and stopped. Tears were rolling down her face. She couldn’t see where she was going and didn’t know where she was.

Nothing had hit her harder than the words Carol had said.

How could she feel so hurt?  She just met Jamey, didn’t even know his last name.  How could she have made an act of politeness into some mega romance?

She must have gone insane.


His voice was soft, but went into her bones.   She didn’t turn around.

“You should have told me…” she said, knowing it was ridiculous.  They’d just met.  They had not even had an actual conversation.

“If I had met you two months ago…”  he said, then caught himself.

Denny turned around and met his eyes.

“Don’t just walk away…”  he said.

“I’m not walking, I was running.”

“To where?” he asked.

What shocked both of them was the way they could speak to each other, how they skipped all the decorations and caught the facts.

Denny used a finger to wipe the tears from her face in such a way Jamey felt his own eyes misting.

“Hang with my people, then what happened this morning will never happen again…”

She seemed puzzled, then realised he was referring to the incident with the guy who grabbed for her arm, not the connection between them.


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Written by jaylar

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