The Encounter -4

At the Diner, Jamey was just entering, when Denny appeared beside him and asked;  “Is this the place?”

“I’m not sure…” he jested and they exchanged smiles as they walked to his spot.

He quickly introduced her to those who were there. They called her ‘Ninja’ and asked about her super powers. She explained how  she had been learning martial arts since she was eight years old.

Carol breezed over, put her hands on Jamey’s shoulders, kissed him on the cheek, and when Denny met her eyes; “Hi, I’m Jamey’s fiancée, Carol.”

All life went out of Denny at that moment. She stared at Carol who looked away as she called to someone.

Covering, Denny looked at her watch. “Oh gosh,”  she said, “I have to go…”

She fixed an empty smile on her face, avoiding eye contact as she made it to the door.

Jamey muttered something and went in the other direction, as if to the bathroom.  Instead, he used the back door to get and ran to catch Denny on the road.


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Written by jaylar

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