The Encounter – 27

One day, Jamey was jogging from the gym when it began to rain.  He continued without notice.   He didn’t run faster or take cover under an awning.   It was as if he didn’t realise it was raining.

The fact he could continue as if it was clear and dry exploded in his mind, for it was an example of how he had lived his life.

He just kept going.

He parked emotion, desire,  dreams and happiness, and just kept going.

He shelved love and interest, caring and pain, and just kept going.

He could be an android.   He was an android.  A creature who was created to appear human but had no emotions, behaving as programmed.

He reached home and went into the shower with his clothes on.   Standing under the very warm water he undressed and let the water wash over him.

And he thought of Denny, of where she was, what she was doing, and if she thought of him.


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Written by jaylar

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