The Encounter – 2

Jamey Macrae celebrated his eighteenth birthday two weeks ago.  He also became engaged to Carol Swift, whom he’d known all his life.

The wedding was set for the end of July.

He stood by the office door, splashing in the  remarkable feelings of this encounter, with what, for him, was a completely unique individual.

Then, he moved to his classroom.

Jamey was the School King, a handsome intelligent sports star who could do everything and was looked up to by everyone who mattered.

To be a friend of Jamey, to be part of his crowd, was better than getting an ‘A’ on an exam.

His world was a warm and friendly place, but exclusive.   It was made up of people who had known each other from diaper days.

Jamey’s crowd ate lunch together, went to the hang out together, invited each other to their parties.  Getting an invite to any of their events was winning the lottery.


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Written by jaylar